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C-STEM has developed a toolkit of SMART Services, specifically aimed at tackling key challenges when looking to modernise architecture to support Digital Transformation outcomes.

All our SMART Services are focused on enhancing DCR capabilities, in recognition that all  institutions face challenges in achieving effectiveness in these areas.  Selection criteria to be part of a SMART Services toolkit includes being an enabler to support: Quick time to value,  Accelerated realisation of key transformation milestones, Reduced time, effort and costs, Reduced Risk, Quick and non-disruptive deployment, Complementary to existing environments, Best of breed technology, Future proof and Interoperability.

Detection, Compliance & Response are key areas for Pembroke College in managing cyber security and user experience. C-STEM’s drive and expertise in these areas exceeded Pembroke’s expectations as a trusted partner.

Andy Baughan

IT Director, Pembroke College - University of Cambridge

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